Buttons for #REDforED Movement to Support Arizona Teachers Standing Up for Education May 03 2018

Teachers in Arizona are making headlines right now for walking off the job as part of the #REDforED movement. 

arizona teachers buttons

We got to make these custom 1" buttons to support Arizona Educators United as educators and other citizens across the state take action to see real change in how the state funds education and how teachers are paid. 

Among some of the facts for those of us who didn't know:

  • Arizona teachers are among the lowest paid in the entire country. ranking 49th in median high school pay and 50th for median elementary school pay. 
  • Over $1 Billion has been cut from the education budget since the recession in 2008.
  • Over 2000 teaching positions are unfilled. 

If you would like to learn more about the #REDforED the Arizona Educators United website breaks down the issue clearly and gives steps for action. Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, educational support workers, administrators and any else who cares about the state of education in Arizona.

You can show them your support and contact your government officials to make sure they know how you feel. Follow for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Not in Arizona? Then use their action to support your own action to stand for educators in your community and support quality education for your community's children. 

teacher protest for better education

Wearing buttons has long been a way to show support for various causes. This #REDforED button provides a great example of a protest button design. Combining an old tried and true medium like buttons with the modern hashtag and bright colour, the message is clear and accessible for others to understand and share. 

If you are considering custom buttons as part of your toolkit of your cause or movement, please reach out to us to discuss what custom button options are available to you.  


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Metallic Finish Buttons for Acclaimed Japanese Group DRUM TAOS's North American Tour April 23 2018

TAO: Drum Heart is the latest show from internationally acclaimed Japanese drumming group DRUM TAO. They kicked off their latest North American tour in Montreal on Jan. 31st and when they do there will be buttons!

We made custom 1-1/4" round buttons with their logo using a metallic finish for a button with an extra bang. 

DRUM TAO's modern, high-energy percussion shows have been seen by over 7 million people worldwide. The show is rooted in traditional art of Japanese drumming, but is distinctively modern with contemporary costumes and innovative visual displays. 

The group performed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and their first North American tour was sold out. They have also performed live on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. If you get the chance, be sure to see them live if you can. It is guaranteed to be a very memorable experience! 

Check out DRUM TAO and learn more about their North American tour!

For a full listing of tour dates you can visit the DRUM TAO website.

You can also find them online (some content is in Japanese):

YouTube: DRUM TAO Channel
Twitter: @drum_tao
Facebook: @DRUMTAO.JPN

Instagram: @drum.tao_official

How are metallic buttons made?

These metallic buttons are created by printing the design on duralar and then letting the silver of the button shine through as the background. You can learn more about this process here.

Please contact us for more info about metallic buttons, including pricing. 



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Celebrating Our Favourite Moments in Text on World Book and Copyright Day April 20 2018

Words on the page have the power to take us out of our daily lives and into other fantastic worlds. Other media can excite us too, but books hold a special place here for us and maybe you too.

In honour of World Book and Copyright Day, taking place on April 23, we have put some of our favourite book moments onto buttons.

UNESCO World Book Day Canada 2018 Harry Potter

Seeing them again instantly brings the magic of the entire story back. Can you tell what books the passages on the buttons are from? Head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to leave your guesses. The first to comment with the correct answer gets the button!

We'd also really like to know what you are reading right now! We are always looking for recommendations. Some of our button makers love a good audiobook to keep them company as they press custom button orders!

And of course, if you have a favourite passage from a favourite book, why don't you put it on a button or other custom product like a fridge magnet, coaster, mirror or keychain? So many page-turning possibilities. We'd be happy to help!



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Tips for Designing DIY Holographic Buttons April 04 2018

Designing Holographic Sparkle Buttons is really fun, and the finished product looks AMAZING. That being said, they are a little bit trickier to design than buttons printed on regular paper.

How to design holographic buttons with foil and dura-lar

Here are some hot tips for making your holographic button designs stand out and looking their very best!

1. Keep your designs simple.

2. The fewer colours, the better.

3. Make sure the shapes in your design aren't too small.

4. Outline your image with a dark colour for optimal image definition. The picture above shows the same designs with two different treatments. The design on the left has a transparent outline which makes it tricky to see the mermaid. The design on the right has a black outline, which makes the mermaid stand out and look extra awesome!

shiny fun buttons

For full details on how to make your own DIY Holographic Sparkle Buttons, check out this tutorial blog from our archives.

Let us know what other design questions you have and we can include in future how-to blog posts!


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Updated Video Alert! How to Use the Flex2000 Button Maker January 11 2018

The Flex2000 hobby button maker is made of metal and makes many button sizes! If you already have this machine and want help to operate it or are just thinking of buying one, this brand new Flex 2000 video is for you! 

This machine makes great buttons, but there are some special tips and tricks to knowing how to use this machine properly. Based on our experience talking with customers about the Flex2000 we have created a video that walks you through how it works. If you can't make it into the store to see a live demo, this is the next best thing!

If you like to follow step-by-step written instructions, we also have the FLEX2000 instruction manual available online. This is the same manual that is included with all new machines. 

If you still have questions about this machine or any other button queries, just email or call us and we will help you out!

This is our second video in this more personal style. Please let us know what you think! These videos are intended to help make your button making experience super awesome. Your feedback does help us decide what videos to make next!



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How to Fix a Jammed Graphic Punch Video (It's Easy!) December 11 2017

So you've been using your graphic punch without issue, but then it stops working. Gah, it's jammed!

A jammed graphic punch is a common problem with a simple solution and this new video from the Button Guy is here to show you just how easy it is to fix!

Pretty easy, huh?

If you want to learn more about the tool you see in the video you can read this blog post.

Need the tool? You can purchase the graphic punch cleaner here!

Be sure to visit the Button Guy YouTube Channel - and subscribe! - to see more handy tips, trick and button making tutorials so you can make the most of your button maker machine and supplies.


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See How to Use The Flex1000 Button Maker with This NEW Video! December 08 2017

The Flex1000 is a great all-metal multi-size hobby button maker, but it involves a few steps that you have to master to get making awesome buttons with every press.

So we decided to make a new video for the FLEX1000 to let people see how to use this machine properly. Just like being in the store or on the phone with us, we have taken the time to walk through how to use the machine and offer some common troubleshooting tips and tricks!

We hope this new video will help those who already have the machine and those folks who are thinking of purchasing the FLEX1000. We know you can't all pop into our store to get a hand's on demonstration before making your button making purchase so we hope this is the next best thing!

If you like to follow written instructions, we also have the FLEX1000 instruction manual available online.

And of course, if you still have questions please just email or call us and we will help you out!

Like this video and want to see more like it? Have some ideas for what you'd like to see next? Please let us know. We want these videos to help make your button making experience as awesome as possible and customer feedback does help us decide what videos to make next!


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New Kits and Special Pricing on FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 Hobby Button Maker Kits December 07 2017

It's December and that holiday shopping countdown is now on!

If you have a special crafty person on your list this year, why not consider introducing them to button making with a FLEX1000 hobby kit or a FLEX2000 hobby kit? Just in time for the holiday shopping season we are offering new kits and special pricing for both of these all-metal multi-die hobby button makers.

The FLEX1000 2-1/4" Start-Up Kit + 3" Add-On Die Set

The FLEX1000 2 Die Kit is a great place to start if you want to make mid-size and big buttons. Great for little artists who like lots of space to draw their designs. These kits include supplies to make buttons and magnets, as well as free rotary cutters for each size.Flex1000 hobby button making kit

The FLEX2000 Complete Kit (2-1/4", 1" & 1-1/2")

This FLEX2000 3 die kit includes dies to make 1", 1-1/2" and 2-1/4" buttons and magnets. This hobby maker is a different pressing style than the FLEX1000, but uses the same standard parts so the finished product looks the same. This kit allows you to make smaller designs that are great for small band buttons and mid-size art buttons.

If you are thinking of making just a few buttons for yourself and friends or some to compliment other crafts you make, both machines are ideal for these activities. Unlike the heavy duty machines that make only one size per machine, you get to have a few options when crafting with the FLEX series, but don't have to work with plastic machines that will break with use.

Make sure to make the DIY specialist or little artist on your shopping list (including YOU) extra happy this year with a button maker!




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Great Gift Idea: Turn Instagram Memories into Custom Fridge Magnets November 29 2017

The Holidays are a fabulous time to take a moment and think of the year gone by.

Commemorate the special moments of 2017 with custom photo buttons and magnets made from pics on your Instagram feed! You can take a peek at our Instagram here :)

Custom Instagram Photo Fridge Magnets

Stay true to the Instagram look with square magnets, or shake it up with round, rectangle, or oval.

Simply place a custom magnet order, and send your favorite pictures to us via email at

To save yourself the setup fee, you can also upload your images and size them to the templates on our website, or on the The Online Button Designer!

If you have any questions about ordering special moment buttons or magnets, please don't hesitate to give us a shout at 1-866-996-1984 :) We're excited to hear from you!



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Send Warm Wishes with Button Greeting Cards November 28 2017

Hip Hip Hooray! The People Power Press Button greeting Card Collection is here for another holiday season.

Each full colour card is blank on the inside, comes with an envelope, and features a special pinback button that the recipient can wear and share. Hand Made Button Greeting Cards Toronto

Browse the entire collection of general greeting cards here.

All Button Greeting Card designs are available online! To ensure that holiday items arrive to you with time to spare, please order as soon as possible :)



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Special Price: Hobby Button Maker for Holiday Gift List November 28 2017

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for the craft maker on your holiday list, this is the machine you should get! And the deal is now even sweeter as it has a new sale price, just in time for the holidays.

affordable button maker

The T150 Starter Kit is a great and affordable machine that will let you make standard election size buttons in small batches - perfect for making as a hobby, for yourself and for friends.

The 2-1/4" button size is a great machine size for kids too who like crafts and want to try out making buttons for fun. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to invest in a heavy duty machine. This machine is the perfect entry level button maker to introduce you to the world of buttonmaking without breaking the bank.

affordable button maker

This start-up kit includes the T150 machine with complete parts to make 250 standard 2-1/4" pinback buttons. This machine will also make most items that a standard 2.25" round machine will make. To see all the things you can make with the 2-1/4" machine, take a look at the full Parts & Supplies for T150 Button Maker page.

Go ahead and make some crafty person very happy this holiday season! And that totally includes YOU if you are looking to start making buttons in the New Year. ; )


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Free Online Button Designer is now Accepting Donations September 29 2017

Donate to The Button Guy's Online Button Designer Software

If you've designed a button from scratch, you've probable come across the free Online Button Designer Software courtesy of The Button Guy.

 With over 20,000 unique accounts, Online Button Designer is not only some of the greatest button designing software out there, but is also completely free to use!


Donate to The Button Guy's Online Button Designer

As more and more people enjoy Online Button Designer, we are continuously running out of server space. Currently, Online Button Designer is in such high demand that the only way to ensure that the software continues to run smoothly is by asking for your help.

We are now gratefully accepting donations to support the free Online Button Designer software.

To make a contribution, click here and select a denomination from the drop down menu.



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Artist and Producer Daiza Shines with New Music and Custom Sparkly Buttons July 17 2017

Daiza is a musician based in Boston. She released her first single Metal Mouth this past March and released another single Crying Blanks in April.

The art-electronic producer and artist is currently doing shows to promote her new music and we got involved to help her make some unique concert merch.

daiza music

She designed these beautiful cards with custom 1.25" buttons for a show. We see a lot of custom orders come through our shop, but this one definitely caught our eye.

A double-sided pink card has one of two custom sparkly buttons attached and branded with all Daiza's contact information, including a QR code. We kind of love them!

Holographic Buttons with Custom Printing

The sparkly effect is from printing the artwork on Dura-Lar, a transparent film, and then placing over gold foil. You can read more about this process in this post about making holographic pinback buttons.

You can also see how it all works in the Button Guy video about How to Make Holographic Pinback Buttons:



We have a number of custom printing and packaging options available in addition to a different special finishes.
custom printing and packaging
Daiza's order beautifully combined all of these things and we feel these sparkly button cards are a perfect complement to her sound. We will be continuing to follow as Daiza's career continues to evolve and do hope you take a listen too!

Check out Diaza and her music online:


Soundcloud: soundsbydaiza

Instagram: @soundsbydaiza

Twitter: @soundsbydaiza

Facebook: @soundsbydaiza

Looking for Unique Custom Options for Selling Buttons at a Show?

If you want to create some unique concert merch for an upcoming show or tour, we are here to help! A button doesn't have to be just a button if you are looking for something extra special for your fans.

You can let us know what you have in mind or you can call us and we can talk you through some of your different options. 



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FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 Hobby Button Maker Manuals Now Available Online July 17 2017

If you have a FLEX1000 or FLEX2000 hobby button maker and have lost the instruction manual that was sent with your start-up kit, don't worry! You can now download the instruction manual for each model here.

multi-size button makerall metal hobby pin machine

Download the FLEX1000 Instruction Manual (No Rings) here.

Download the FLEX2000 Instruction Manual here.

Keep it paperless and access online whenever you need it or print it out if you'd like a tangible copy. The choice is now yours.

Just a note about any reference to rings. Our newer models don't require the plastic rings so if you see any reference to them, but you never received the rings, don't worry. Your version of the machine does not use plastic rings. Not sure, give us a call and we can help you out.

Even if you don't have one of our all-metal FLEX machines you can take a peek to walk through the steps and see how it works!

And for the visual folks out there, here are the Button Guy videos showing you the FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 button makers in action. See how both hobby pin machines work:

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Custom Rounded Rectangle Buttons are Here: A Smooth and Sleek Option for Name Tags June 07 2017

It’s not often that a new pin shape is introduced, but there is a new button kid on the block. Helloooo Custom Rounded Rectangle Buttons!

This button has rounded corners, making it a smoother and sleeker option for name tags, poster art, marketing and campaign buttons.

custom rounded rectangle buttons

Many Great Uses for the Rounded Rectangle Button

These are just a few great choices for this new pin shape:

Name Tags - Rounded rectangle buttons make great durable event name tags for workshops, trade shows and conventions. They can double as great event souvenirs.

Marketing Buttons - Available as 1-3/4” x 2-3/4” pinbacks, these buttons are the same size as a business card, which makes this button an obvious choice for marketing your business.

Poster Art Buttons - This new pin shape is a perfect choice for poster art buttons because of their layout and retro design.

Two Sizes Available!

The new rounded rectangle button comes in 1-3/4” x 2-3/4” and 2” x 3” sizes. The smaller size is the same size as a business card. The larger size gives you a bit more room to make your message stand out.

Please contact us to get pricing for the 2" x 3" Rounded Rectangle pins.

1-3/4" x 2-3/4" rounded rectangle business card buttons2" x 3" rounded rectangle campaign buttons

A Perfect Choice for Vertical and Horizontal Layouts

The rounded corner buttons are available as vertical or horizontal pins. These layouts may be more suitable for logos and designs that are also have vertical or horizontal designs.

Now you get a rounded corner without having to adapt your design to a circle or oval shape and possibly losing part of your artwork.

But if you are looking for something with a harder edge, be sure to check out all our custom button sizes so you can make the choice that best suits your design!

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May The Fourth Be With You: The Star Wars Underground Buttons are Out of this World! May 04 2017


The Star Wars Underworld

Forget all the other days on the calendar, because today is the day that matters for Star Wars fans around the world. May 4th has come to be known as May the Fourth Be With You Day, or Star Wars Day.

We thought it would be the perfect day to showcase our friends at The Star Wars Underworld and their out-of-this-world custom buttons.

The Star Wars Underground is a great community where fans all over the world can join one platform and connect with each other. The platform is fan-driven and family-friendly so Star Wars fans of any age can take part! 

Custom Buttons For Community Members

We had the chance to work with the rad guys over at to make these super cool and well designed buttons. Pinback custom buttons for community members allow them share that they belong in a special community and to express the voice, message and personality of that membership. We think these buttons do exactly that. 

The larger Custom 2" Round Button is a great pin size for extra visibility to showcase The Star Wars Underground logo. The smaller Custom 1-1/4" Round Button is great size for fun designs and messages that members can pin and wear all the time. 

Depending on what message or design you want to express, there is a pin size and shape that will perfectly suit the needs of your special community members! We would love to talk through all of those options with you so reach out to us anytime!

May the Fourth Be With YouExplore more with The Star Wars Underground Online!

What started as a Facebook page has now expanded into a full website and a podcast. You can also find them on a variety of other platforms:

The Star Wars Underground on Tumblr 
The Star Wars Underground on Instagram
The Star Wars Underground on Twitter
The Star Wars Underground on Google+
The Star Wars Underground on YouTube

May The Fourth Be With You all today!


people power presspeople power press twitterpeople power press instagrampeople power press facebook

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Making Metallic Silver & Gold Buttons with Dura-Lar April 26 2017

We're really excited about making metallic gold and silver buttons with Dura-Lar!!

Using Dura-Lar Film is the easiest way to make Do-It-Yourself buttons that look lavish and luxurious.

In this video, Dura-Lar is used with Gold and Silver Reversible Metallic Dura-Lar to make gorgeous, shiny, pinback buttons that are great for holidays and special occasions. Check it out!



The SILVER & GOLD DURA-LAR used in this video is reversible, with gold on one side and silver on the other. The Metallic Dura-Lar Foil is 2mm thick, comes in standard 8.5 x 11" sheets, and has an EXTREMELY reflective mirror-like finish. Doesn't that sound awesome for a button??!

**When making Dura-Lar Buttons, it is the Glossy or Matte Dura-Lar that goes through the printer, and NOT the metallic Dura-Lar! The metallic Dura-Lar foil goes behind the transparent Dura-Lar film. **

How to Make Silver Pinback Buttons with Metallic Foil

 How to make shiny metallic gold buttons with foil



Curious to see some other examples of buttons made with Dura-Lar Film and reflective Metallic Dura-Lar Foil? Here are some older blog posts that feature buttons with special finishes! Which one do you like the best?

Instructional Video: Making Buttons with Dura-Lar
Get That New Year's Sparkle All Year Long With Holographic Foil
Buttons for Chinese New Year: Year of the Rooster
Feeling Lucky? It's St. Patrick's Day


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Say it With a 2” x 3” Rectangle Fridge Magnet: Great for Personal Statement Gifts, Promotional Giveaways and More! April 24 2017

The 2" x 3” Rectangle Fridge Magnet is a great versatile choice. A popular size for family photos and personal statement gifts, this magnet is a favorite souvenir shop idea and for real estate promotional giveaways too.

See the process of making a 2" x 3” Rectangle Fridge Magnet in this new video from The Button Guy. This video will show you important tips to successfully make magnets with the 2” x 3” rectangle button maker.

This essential advice includes how to cut your artwork, how to properly apply the peel n’ stick magnet and why it is important to let your magnets sit on a flat surface for 24 hours before hanging them on another surface.

Once you see how easy it is to make 2" x 3” Rectangle Fridge Magnets you will be able to get busy. Some projects include:

  • Decorating your locker or fridge with family photos and other art
  • Making personalized statement gifts for friends and family
  • Creating promotional giveaways for your business to hand out to clients and at trade shows and conferences
  • Designing your artwork like a postcard for your city's attractions for a great souvenir shop idea

rectangle magnets for promotional giveaways and more!


To get started you will need the 2 x 3” Rectangle Button Maker Kit. This machine will also make pinback buttons so you can really have some fun! You will also need all the supplies to make 2 x 3” Rectangle Peel n’ Stick Magnets. Contact us to order the correct supplies!

Peel n' Stick Magnet Parts for Family Photos

Loving the idea of these fridge magnets, but not ready to invest in a button maker? We can make Custom 2 x 3” Rectangle Magnets for you with the design of your choice. Check out the other custom magnet sizes we have available.


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Earth Love Pin Packs: Can You Dig It? April 21 2017

Calling all Green Thumbs and Tree Huggers! It's almost time to dust off the old trowel, and get digging :)

Spring is in the air and our Earth Love Pin Packs are in full bloom! Our button garden will be ready to harvest in no time.

Earth Love Pin Pack for Nature Lovers and Gardeners, Environmental Pinback Buttons

The Earth Love Pin Pack makes a great gift for gardeners, and is the perfect accessory for nature lovers or anyone of the Eco-conscious persuasion.

Each Earth Love Pin Pack include 4 x 1-1/4" Round Pinback Buttons with randomly selected button designs. You can also look through all of the Earth Love button designs and pick a single button design from the collection.

Pinback Button Accessories for Nature Enthusiast

If you like the Earth Love Pin Packs, you might also be interested in taking a look at the "I Heart Veggies" Pin Packs too! Another awesome button collection for those who are 100% Plant Powered :)


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Fantastic Toronto Comicon Buttons by Artist Leanne Davies April 10 2017

Toronto artist Leanne Davies recently hit up Toronto Comicon with these rad custom 1.5” square buttons.

Toronto Comicon Spock buttons

Leanne Davies is a visual artist who paints in acrylics and watercolour. Her work illuminates beauty in the absurd and the ironic. Influences on her work include social media and popular culture with desire and the intricacy of human relationships as two common themes in her art.

She had two of her paintings put onto buttons to sell at the pop culture convention where she was an exhibitor.

Custom Super Dave 1.5" Square Buttons

Leanne Davies’ Spock and Super Dave paintings were pressed into 1.5” square buttons.

This shape and size combination is a great choice for visual artists looking for affordable ways to sell art at shows like Toronto Comicon. This is because the button is big enough to display the detail of the artwork, but is still wearable.

There are a number of custom options for visual artists looking to sell their artwork at a pop culture convention or any other number of shows. Custom magnets, mirrors, coasters, keychains and jewelry are other unique and affordable ways to sell art. These items also provide low cost ways for people to buy art. 

To learn more about Leanne Davies and view her fantastic online gallery, visit

You can also follow her - and see her recent Toronto Comicon adventures - on Instagram



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All About Printing Your Button Artwork: CMYK vs RGB March 29 2017

Designing button artwork takes some creativity with a just a little pinch of technical know-how. Many customers who order custom buttons inquire about the best file type for their button artwork, but another important aspect of button artwork is the color space in which it was created.

This blog post is dedicated to color spaces and what that means in relation to designing buttons :) Let's go!



A color space is simply an organization or range of colors. You can think of a color space as palette of all the colors available for you to work with. The two color spaces that are most common when working in Photoshop or Illustrator are RGB and CMYK. What is the difference between the two? Quite a lot actually!

RBG vs CMYK, Color Space, Custom Button Design, Designing a pinback button



RGB in an acronym for Red, Green, and Blue, and is the color space used by electronic displays. You should be working in an RGB color space if the final product is going to be presented digitally on a screen, like a picture that's going on a website. Every color in an RGB color space is made of some combination of red, green, and blue.


CMYK is an acronym that stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (which is black). You should be working in a CMYK color space if the final product is going to be printed, and not presented on a screen. The palette of colors that you can access in a CMYK color space can all be made by mixing different amounts of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, the colors of ink used by a printer.


CMYK vs RGB colour space, Printing artwork, designing custom buttons,



The color spectrum in an RGB color space is vast, however, many of the colors are NOT able to be reproduced by a printer. Why not? Because the colors are just not able to be created by the mixing Cyan, Magenta,Yellow, and Black together. It uses a different palette of colors entirely.

If you do try and print out a file that was designed in RGB, you'll notice that the colors look pretty different than they do on the computer. This is because the printer has to substitute all of the RGB colors that it cannot create with a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink.


Below is an example of a button design that was created in RGB. The vibrant green on the screen looks bright and saturated. This is because the colors present in the design are made up of Red, Green, and Blue, and are also back lit on the computer.

RGB vs CMYK button artwork, button design, colour space, Beside the digital button artwork designed in RGB is the same button, the only difference is that it was printed out on a laser printer. The RGB colors were substituted to CMYK, and the final printed art looks really different because there is a different color palette available.

The above picture sums up why it's important to design you button artwork in CMYK: you won't get any surprise colors!


neon paper, neon buttons, pre-cut paper circles, rbg vs cmyk colour space

Just because a nice vivid neon color can't be printed out on a printer, doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to achieve a vibrant, striking button.

A great way to achieve a neon look, is to print the button artowrk on a Dura-Lar transparency and pair it with bright paper. For extra sparkle, holographic foil or metallic foil can also be used to create something flashy and fabulous!

Watch the video "How-To Make Buttons With Dura-Lar" and get your neon on!


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Customer Profile: Custom Rounded Rectangle Buttons for Doggy-Yasha March 28 2017

Doggy-Yasha is a Winnipeg-based artist who creates awesome fan art as well as original illustrations. We recently made them come custom fan art buttons, and the finished product turned out pretty nice!

Rounded Rectangle Pinback Buttons, Fan Art Buttons, Custom Anime Buttons, Doggy Yasha, Aibou,

These custom fan-art buttons are a unique size and shape which works well with the composition of the designs. The buttons are 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" Rounded Rectangle Pinbacks, a relatively new button size that looks extremely sleek and professional with clean rounded corners. We also make Custom  Rounded Rectangle Magnets, a lovely addition to any refrigerator door!


If You Like Fan-Art Buttons, Check This Out:

If the fan-art aspect of this post caught your eye, or if you're interested in making buttons for conventions or fan expos, take a peek at the blog feature "Button Making Business: Convention Tips from a Pro!" It's full of great information about selling buttons at conventions.

Check out more of Doggy-Yasha's work online!

Doggy-Yasha on Tumblr:
Doggy-Yasha on Red Bubble:
Doggy-Yasha on Instagram: @DoggyYasha


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Video: How to Make 2 x 3 Rectangle Buttons March 23 2017

Rectangle pinback buttons are a neat shape and lend themselves well to making name tags, accommodating rectangular logos or photographs, and are awesome for fridge magnets too!

We love rectangular pinback buttons, and thought that you might be just as excited as we are! Check out this video courtesy of The Button Guy on How to Make 2 x 3" Rectangle Buttons!



Interested in making some of these yourself? Click on the link to find Parts & Supplies for 2" x 3" Rectangle Pinback Buttons on our website, or get more info on the 2" x 3" Rectangle Hand Press that was used in the video :)

We also carry parts and hand presses for other sizes of rectangle pinback buttons including 1-3/4 x 2-3/4", and  2-1/2 x 3-1/2".

 Pinback Button Shapes, How to Make Rectangle Buttons, The Buttona Guy, How To Video, Rectangle Pinback Buttons, DIY crafts,

Rather have us make some buttons or magnets for you? Cool! We also offer Custom Rectangle Buttons in a variety of sizes. Click on the link or send us an email to find out more :)


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Feeling Lucky? It's St. Patrick's Day! March 17 2017

Today is the day we all see a little green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We had a little fun creating our own button gold at the end of the rainbow.

 Goil shiney lucky charm buttons for St. Patrick's Day!

These shiny buttons were made using Dura-Lar transparent film. Learn how we did it with this post all about using Dura-Lar with your buttonmaker

We hope your day is full of some extra luck too, even if you have to make it yourself.

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