Is There a Button Shell Stuck in my Machine? March 22 2016


Have you ever gotten a button part stuck in your machine?

It happens to the best of us, and can be really frustrating. However, there are a few tried and true techniques to getting that button part UN-jammed in no time!

Here is a great how-to video from The Button Guy that shows you how to un-jam that trusty hand-press


Most machine jams will probably be the result of using a paper that is too thick, or putting more than 1 shell in the die. Though there are lots of different things that COULD jam a machine, these two scenarios are the most common.


Though this instructional video makes is super easy to un-jam your machine, its a lot easier to NOT get a machine jammed in the first place. Here's some tips on how to avoid a jam all together.

    1. The paper is too thick: The best paper to use for button making is your good ole' fashion printer paper. If you try and use paper of a heavier weight, you run the risk of getting the mylar, paper, and shell stuck in the top die when pressing your button. Stick with a paper that is around 28 Lbs and you should be golden!
    2. There were 2 shells smooshed together and it looked like there was only 1 shell: Sometimes the shells like to piggy-back on each other. Though that sounds kind of cute, this double shell will inevitably lead to a jam, or at the very least, a button than doesn't get crimped properly. If you think there may be two shells stuck together, just throw them against a hard flat surface. Industry secret: the floor works GREAT! The impact will make the shells come apart, no tools or elbow grease required!
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    Introducing the FLEX2000, our brand new all metal interchangeable button maker! June 08 2015

    We know that buying a button maker is no small investment. So when our customers want to buy their first button maker, we always get asked “what size?”

    Now you don’t have to choose when you buy our new multi-die button maker the FLEX2000.

    The FLEX2000 hand press allows you to make different sized buttons easily with interchangeable sliding dies. Go ahead, do a happy dance if you want to!

    See how...

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    How to make a button with the new Multi Size Button Maker July 15 2014

    Making buttons is easy with this simple, solid metal, multi size button maker. A new multi die or multiple size button maker that works!

    Interchangeable Die Button Maker

    The new multiple size die button maker kits

    Whilst this machine is not as fast as a pro button maker if you need buttons in smaller quantities but in different sizes this is an option. The difference in cost is substantial. The multi machine at $400 is...

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    Help with a sticky Graphic Punch for Button Making December 03 2013

    Graphic punches are used for circle cutting.  A question we get over and over is why does my graphic punch get stuck, or not work as cleanly as it should, and what can I do about it? 

    Usually this is caused by cutting stickers.  This can can cause the punch to get sticky or gummy.    There is an easy and low maintenance fix for this.  You do NOT need to take it apart to clean it. 


    Take a piece...

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    6 Inch Button Maker March 12 2013

    Tecre makes a bunch of different sized button makers, but their 6 inch is the biggest. As you can see from the size of my hand compared to the button, the 6 inch button makers are BIG!
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    Badge A Minit Cut A Circle March 06 2013

    The Button Guy made another video to help you use your Badge A Minit supplies. This video shows you how to use the Cut A Circle, which is a fast and easy way to cut your button designs. Have you made any designs with your Badge A Minit button maker? Show us your creations!
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    Badge A Minit Hand Press March 05 2013

    The Button Guy made this video showing how to use your Badge A Minit hand press button maker. The Button Guy – who is he anyways? He’s a guy who loves buttons, and according to his bio he has over a decade of experience with making buttons. He’s tried lots of different button makers from [...]
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    How To Use Your Tecre Button Maker March 05 2013

    The Toronto Green Party made this How To video: They show you every step, from cutting the button designs with the Cut A Circle punch to the finished product. This is a great way to find out how to use your Tecre button maker from real button makers – and by the looks of how [...]
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    Women’s Day Buttons / Feminist Buttons March 05 2013

    To celebrate International Women’s Day (Friday March 8th) we made these buttons with our Romic button maker. To learn more about how you can get your own Romic button maker, go here.
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    Nobody knows how to spell BadgeAminit, or is it Badge-A-Minit, or could it be Badge a minute or I have even seen Badge A Minut February 27 2013

    As a blogger starting out on a badge a minut blog I have to decide how I’m going to spell it and then stick to it.  But which one should I choose? BadgeAminit, Badge A minit, Badgeaminute, badge-a-minute, Badge-A-Minit? I give up!
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    Romic Button Makers Rock! February 27 2013

    I have been using my Romic Button Maker for 8 years.  Works great and it also makes magnets and keychains as well as pin-backs.
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    Question: Are the tecre machine molds interchangable or are the units fixed? February 15 2013

    Hi Yes Tecre or all good button makers are fixed.  There are 2 problems with interchangeable die button makers.    Interchangeable die button makers use a plastic base for the die carrier.  After a short time this wears and the … Continue reading
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    What printer and what ink would you use for business level quality graphics? January 14 2013

    What kind of printer do I need to start a custom button making business? What paper is best for making custom buttons? What is the cost of printing custom button? How can I lower the cost of making buttons Original … Continue reading
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    Many people decide to start their own business around new year. January 12 2013

    Whilst starting your own business is a big step at any time and I wouldn’t recommend it just because it is new year but buying a button maker, starting a button making business is a good idea if you have some … Continue reading
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    Which button maker, badge machine or pin maker would you recommend for a young artist. January 12 2013

    Hi Button Guy,   I’m a young artist and lately I have had customers asking for customized   buttons. I really like the idea but I’m not totally sure on where to begin, I   don’t have that much money to spend on … Continue reading
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    I am an artist that attends various anime conventions throughout the year – What kind of button maker do I need? December 08 2012

    Hi Button Guy I am an artist that attends various anime conventions throughout the year. I had made a post about purchasing a button maker, in Deviantart’s forum, and you answered it, which I recently responded to. I figured that … Continue reading
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