How-To Video: How to Make a 3-1/2" Button Coaster June 27 2016

Hand presses can make a lot more than just standard pinback buttons.


You should totally try your hand at making these 3-1/2" Button Coasters! It is super simple, and this How-To Video courtesy of the Button Guy shows you how to do it yourself step-by-step! 



If you need parts for this project, no worries! Everything you need to make these DIY Button Coasters is available on our site.


The 3-1/2" Button Coaster Start Up Kit comes with a 3-1/2" hand press, a graphic punch, and all the parts you need to make 500 coasters!


If you have a 3-1/2" Hand Press already, the additional coaster flattening die insert and coaster parts and supplies are all you need to turn your button maker into a coaster maker. And if DIY isn't your style, we do custom coasters too!


Enjoy your next round of drinks on some DIY Button Coasters. They're a great conversation piece and all of your friends will be mighty impressed!



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Custom Coasters March 18 2016


Check out these vintage pressed coaster set we came up with.

A standard 3.5" coaster, with a matte or glossy finish.

If you're interested in making your own set of coasters, whether you cut them out from your favorite books, design them yourself or if you'd like us to help design something, we have all the information to do so right over here. 


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How to Make Coasters with Your Button Maker (Practical Craft Ideas!) November 11 2015

How to Make Coasters with Your Button Maker (Practical Craft Ideas!)

Did you know that with the right materials, a handy coaster adapter insert and a little creativity, you can use your 3.5” Button Maker to make one-of-a-kind coasters?

Custom Coasters People Power Press

These coasters can give your cup or glass a fun place to land while also protecting your table. Practical and expressive - what a perfect combination!


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