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2-1/4" Standard Round Button School Kit



The 2-1/4" Button School Kit is the most popular choice for schools and teachers. This start-up button making kit has everything you need to get started including pre-cut circles and a artwork and design book full of over 500 school-friendly designs.

2.25" is a good standard size election button that is great for kids to create hand drawn artwork and to use at educational events. The 2.25" Tecre button maker is the recommended choice of schools, libraries and other organizations looking to use over many years with many hands. 


  • Tecre Model #225 Hand Press
  • Everything for 500 x 2.25" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). 
  • 1000 x Blank Pre-Cut Circles (Great for kids to easily draw their designs)
  • School Artwork and Design Book with 500+ Designs
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions
Common Uses

The 2.25" round election button maker machine makes one of the most popular button sizes. 

The Tecre #225 is the best button maker on the market and is built to make thousands of buttons over many years. This machine is easy to use with children of all ages in the classroom and at school-wide events for educational purposes, fundraising, entrepreneurship and loads of fun!


The Tecre #225 button maker is all metal construction (no plastic parts), and makes professional quality pin back buttons as well as many other products including keychains and magnets. It has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tecre #225 machines use Standard 2-1/4" Round Button Supplies.
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