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Automatic Button Rocket Vending Machine - Meridian style red.


This is the perfect vehicle for dispensing buttons and other small items.  Solid metal design with safety and security features built in: Simple to refill and simple to collect cash.  Ideal as a button dispenser.  The retro design of the vending machine is both cool and striking and will get your buttons noticed.

Standard features of the Automatic Button Rocket Vending Machine include:

  • Tubular lock included on lid and cash box door.
  • Solid cast aluminum and zinc.
  • Takes 1" capsules.  (1" capsules fit up to 4: 1" round buttons.)
  • Coin mechanism with built in security measuring both width and size of coin.
  • High capacity shatterproof polycarbonate globe
  • High security easy access money bag with capacity of 800 coins.
  • Straight drop through product chute
  • Available in traditional red.

This Automatic Button Vending Machine is an ideal solution for button producers looking to have their products in stores and very much in the public eye. The sharp design of this simple to use and maintain button dispenser allows you to keep on producing buttons (or taking a break) whilst your buttons are out there selling themselves.

Take your business to a new level.  Go automatic with a button dispenser! Boost your button sales. Selling buttons has never been easier!

Order vending capsules here.

This Beaver Meridian Button Vending Machine is a converted gumball machine. The design of the beaver Meridian gumball machine is tried and tested over the years.  These are solid machines made in Canada.  The gumball machine coin mechanism was recently upgraded to measure both size and width of coins to eliminate coin issues.  The gumball machine capsules or vending capsules are inexpensive and well designed for vending. If you want automatic button sales or a simple way to retail buttons this is a stylish solution that grabs attention.

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