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Parts & Supplies for the 1-1/4" FLEX2000 Die Set



1-1/4" button parts and accessories for the FLEX2000 Button Maker with 1-1/4" Die Set 

On this page we have all available supplies for the FLEX2000 Button Maker with 1-1/4" Die Set in 3 pack sizes:  100, 500 or 1000's.

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Common Uses

The most popular button size at "One of a Kind" and other unique/niche style shows.  Very popular for comic art and Japanese style drawings. The 1-1/4" is the smallest sized button that you can buy pre-pinned backs for (pin is attached to a metal backing disc).

ceramic magnets for button makingCheck out our new stronger ceramic magnets for 1-1/4" button makers. No glue, no peel n' stick.  Just squeeze the magnets inside a collet button in your button making machine.  Ceramic magnets are faster to make and are a much stronger magnet!

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